About Baby Bits™

Baby Bits™ wipes solution was created to replace disposable baby wipes. We needed a mild, good smelling solution to clean our twins at each diaper change without all the chemicals and waste of commercial wipes. As our boys out grew diapers, we continued to use Baby Bits™ daily as a general cleanser on the go. We brought it with us to parks, museums, picnics, on hikes, bike rides, camping trips, the beach and more.

As owner of Soaps by Denise handcrafted soap company, I pioneered the bits-to-wipes concept in 2003. My experience as a soap maker and a mother of twins inspired me to create this unique product. Baby Bits™ wipes solution is now sold at specialty retailers worldwide. We pride ourselves in creating and supplying a quality, handcrafted product in a world filled with mass production and big box stores. We wholesale our product to small businesses in an effort to support local buying. We have carefully selected our ingredients and our packaging to support sustainable products made in USA.